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Electronic Online Pay Stub
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Electronic Online Pay Stub

Streamline your Payroll Process with Electronic Online Pay Stubs eliminating using paper or inks.
Payroll administrators save time and effort because employees are able to obtain current and past pay stub information on their own with online pay stubs self-serve features.

Payroll administrators and employees alike also benefit from online pay stubs unique messaging feature. Just imagine having payroll deduction information or important announcements sent right alongside employees’ pay stubs. Send messages quickly and easily companywide, by departments or remote offices!

Online Pay Stubs Eliminates Administrative and Production Costs

Online Pay Stubs solutions bring immediate savings to any company by eliminating the cost of printing and delivering paper pay stubs. The employee self serve benefit of online pay stubs reduces phone calls to any HR department.

Online Pay Stubs Convenience and Security

Online Pay Stubs provides employees secure access to current and past pay information with 24/7 online access. It is far more secure than storing paper stubs for future reference because others can see them,
they can be lost, or stolen.

Paper stubs are usually passed through many hands in the process of delivering them to employees. electronic pay stubs are only seen by the employee who has password-protected access.

Security is assured through many checks and balances so sensitive data remains safe and secure at all times

Online Pay Stubs does more than just substantially reduce your payroll costs; it has a multitude of other benefits:
* Guaranteed on-time delivery
* Accessible via internet, intranet, mobile phone, or PDA
* Instant access to past stubs with online payroll archive
* Simple to implement with no new software or modules to buy
* 24/7 Technical Support
* Fully customizable - your online pay stub looks like your paper stub - or better!
* Employees love it - the self serve benefit that reduces HR headaches
* ROI is virtually immediate * Pilot Group Rollout Program available
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