utilizing electronic forms eliminates paper or inks. utilizing electronic forms eliminates paper or inks.
utilizing electronic forms eliminates paper or inks.
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Electronic Services
eArchive Document Services
Total archival solution from Internet on-line to permanent storage
  • By utilizing electronic forms you eliminate the need for any paper or inks.
  • Converts documents sent to your printer to on-line documents
  • Eliminates multi-part forms and dramatically shortens research times
  • Supports distributed access via the Internet for accounting, customer service,
    collections, sales and more
  • Builds an on-line archive that can be burned to CD’s for off-line retention
eArchive Document Service:
Insures timely access to on-line documents via up to four search indexes that meet your specific business requirements. Additional indexing is available as an option.

Uses a standard document viewer available on any computer and any browser. All the viewers you might require are available at no cost. In addition the document reader provides the ability for on demand reprint at any location and e-mail delivery to any location.

Offers permanent storage that is provided by converting documents for which on-line access is no longer required to storage on CD. Archival CD’s can be searched using any word or group of words contained in the document.

Uses advanced security technology. Access control that supports strong authentication and browser encryption is included. Access control can also be configured as a Trusted Gateway so it smoothly integrates into an existing access control systems.

In combination with eArchive Delivery and eLockbox Payment make up eInvoice Delivery, an advanced Electronic Bill Delivery and Payment system. eArchive Document Service Implementation typically requires little change to your current systems. Setup is completed quickly with minimal impact on your personnel and includes:

Document Setup is required for a new customer or when a current customer desires to have additional document types available on-line. Setup requires completion of an enrollment form as well as submission of electronic artwork, pre-printed form, a sample final output file, and a sample of printed output. Your approval of the finished product is always required before it is released to production.

Group Access Control is a modification to standard access control so that information privacy may be maintained across multiple branches or subsidiaries while still allowing universal access by a corporate or administrative user.

eArchive Document Service Operations includes the following components:
Document Processing is the daily processing of print streams. Files received electronically from your system are converted to a Web accessible repository. This repository forms the basis for on-demand delivery via e-mail or Web. Once placed in the Archive, documents can be accessed via searches using any one or a combination of different data fields, or indexes, which you defined during the Document Setup process. Daily Document Processing includes an initial three months of storage in the on-line Archive for documents up to three pages in length.

Continuing On-line Storage provides the ability to keep billing document information available on-line in eArchive as long as you desire.

Secure Statement Send enables internal users to send copies of statements from eArchive to customer’s as encrypted e-mail attachments to insure the security of customer information.

eArchive Document Service Permanent Storage includes the following for customers who want long-term retention of files.

Permanent Archive is the periodic creation of a document database from eArchive information conducted on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis which can be transmitted electronically or burned onto a CD. The database is full-text searchable (unlimited keywords). This means any word or number within the entire database may be found by using Adobe Reader with advanced search capabilities. The advanced search capabilities are a free reader option that must be selected when initially downloading the Adobe Reader. Permanent Archival includes an Adobe Reader installation package with the advanced search capabilities. In our standard offering, PDF files are structured to maximize storage efficiency. This means several thousands documents may be in a single PDF file. Furthermore, file names have no particular meaning and are sequentially numbered for convenience. Optionally, PDF files may be encrypted so a password is needed to open them.

You also have the option of receiving your Permanent Archive as individual PDF files. This feature is useful if you wish to build and retain your own archive in a custom format. In this format the file is not searchable since it is really a collection of PDF files for which you must provide indexing services. Files are delivered through e-mail or via a file transfer program.

CD Creation is available, as an option, for those customers who want to receive their Permanent Archive files on CD-R media.

eArchive provides a trusted gateway for customer service application. To learn more click here
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